Is Dark Energy “Antigravity” Leakage from an Adjacent Universe?

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3 Responses

  1. John Sheff says:

    Er, the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer was delivered to the International Space Station two and a half years ago, not last week. Er, the space shuttle Endeavour stopped flying two and a half years ago. WTF?

  2. Boyan Zawx says:

    If there is a sister universe close to us, why not dark energy from multiple sister universes that surround ours?

  3. shafiqifs says:

    They have finally failed to detect the Dark Matter (read and and I have been crying for more than a year that Dark Matter just could not exist. How could they introduce Dark Matter under the adopted Cosmological Model which is based on GR which presumes space contains nothing. Einstein was a trickster which is unraveled through published scientific research articles and Einstein’s paradigm shift of physics has been shown to be based on a crackpot theory. The scientists who proposed the experiment for detecting Dark Matter should be taken to task for wasting millions of dollars because they were time and again informed that Dark Matter just could not exist with sufficient scientific evidences.
    There is a standing (till date) open challenge to the adopted paradigm of physics which could seen at

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